Frequently Asked Questions

What, would you say, you actually do here?

I design and sew up clothes that I like and send the patterns to my awesome manufacturer, Purnaa Enterprises in Kathmandu, Nepal. I'll then order a batch for myself to sell online or to retailers around the country.  


When did you start sewing?

I started sewing and crafting when I was very young; I remember making clothes for my dolls.  At some point, my mom let me have at her patterns and machine, and I was off! Looking back, I should have majored in fashion design or at least business, but at the time, I thought it was a frivolous career. I suppose I thought that only famous people get to be fashion designers.


Where do YOU shop for clothes?

Over the last few years, I've gotten weirder with my shopping. But you have to remember, I grew up in Austin. Just keepin' it weird. I'm largely a thrift store and hand-me-down girl for economical and environmental reasons, but also because it makes me a more thoughtful consumer. And it gives me joy knowing that my donations and dollars spent at these thrift stores help my local community.

However, I just love shopping for garments that I know will last. If I need a dress or pair of pants to be worn on a weekly or at least monthly basis, I don't mind investing a little more money and thought toward that purchase. And I think everyone should be like me. Just kidding. Kinda.


Are those all your kids?

Perhaps my most frequently asked question of all! Yes they are! We're loud and we're proud! We're an adoptive family! Check the blog for more of that story.  


Who is that hot, grey-haired man you live with?

I married Matt 12 years ago. He's just the best, my much better half. Matt is in the US Air Force and he's my business manager. He's also a Financial Coach. We've been so inspired by Dave Ramsey's books and advice that he recently went through Dave's counselor training so that he could bring this hope to others. He is good at it and enjoys leading others to financial peace as they get out of debt, learn how to budget, save, invest and give back. Very hot.  

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