2019 Updates

A few things… over the last couple of years, I had baby #5, moved twice, homeschooled a couple of the kids for a bit, and husband started a new job traveling even more than before.

So, I am still selling the inventory on hand, but haven’t produced a new line for a bit.

I’m also involved with a few other beautiful ladies to form a non-profit called the Ethical Network of San Antonio. We’re networking with other fair trade and ethically-minded businesses in the area by hosting events like clothing swaps, Christmas markets, and casual Q & A’s with business owners.

And I’m also doing some alterations and creative sewing for people nearby!

I have high hopes to start the production engines again very soon. Watch for a capsule wardrobe for the kids, and some high-quality, classically-designed dresses for ladies. And one day, a brick & mortar store and studio.

There it is! Thank you for your prayers and support!