A new line That's changing lives: Dinadi

EBEC is now carrying Dinadi products! Dinadi is a social business in Nepal that ethically hand crafts knitted and crocheted products while changing lives through dignified jobs.

Dinadi Nepal Mitts

The knitted products are absolutely beautiful, and seriously well-made. The stories are pretty good too. Here are a few:


"Hi, my name is Bimala and since I was a child my passion has been to knit. During the earthquake of 2015 my home collapsed and I lost everything. We lived in a tent and didn’t have any food but last year a received an opportunity to knit for Dinadi. Now I don’t only get to save up money and pay pack loans, I also get to work with my passion and do so within a community where we cheer each other on and acknowledge that everyone is important. What I have learned and received here in my Dinadi family, I dream to pass on to my daughter."

Bimala Dinadi Nepal

"Hi my name is Pramila and I joined Dinadi almost a year ago. Before Dinadi I felt hopeless. I felt like the only thing I was good for was taking care of children and doing the laundry. I now understand that’s not all I am and I’ve found a new joy and belief in myself. At Dinadi we talk a lot about excellence and I want to learn to do all things in life with excellence. I so appreciate the opportunity Dinadi has given me and my dream is to see Dinadi grow so more ladies like myself can experience love and respect and empowerment as I have experienced."

Dinadi Nepal Pramila

"Maina is a hard worker who finds her drive in her family of three. She is recognized by her big smile and generous laugh and she is a lot of fun to be around. Her family used to be completely dependent on her husband’s income that would barely cover their needs but now her extra income is bringing change to their lives and is allowing Maina to dream and plan for her son’s education. "

Dinadi Nepal Maina