How to host a Clothing Swap Party

By Natalie, volunteer executive manager at EBEC

Feel rewarded by knowing you made eco-friendly and sustainable clothing choices for back to school – while keeping your kid’s looking good too! Before hitting the stores to shop for clothes, why don’t you organize a clothing swap? It’s a great way to minimize the closets and have a party with friends!

Below are four steps to throwing an easy and fun clothing swap party:

1. Invite- Get together a list of friends to invite. While compiling the list keep a tab on what sizes they will likely bring for variety. You could consider co-hosting with friends to increase attendance to the party. When sending your invitation encourage guests to bring good condition clothes, shoes, and even accessories to the swap.  Also tell them to pre-sort their clothing at home. Since it’s a party, you could also consider having guests bring snacks and refreshments.

2. Prepare- Prior to the event, pick an area of your home for the swap. Plan what you will use to organize the groups of clothing by size (bins, boxes, tables, etc). Create signage for each group (examples: Sizes girls 5-7, shoes). Decide where you will donate leftover clothes. On the day of the party prepare light refreshments and set up your arena for swapping.

3. Swap- Once guests arrive, have them place their items in the appropriate locations and then get to socializing and snacking! A clothes swap should be fun, it shouldn’t feel like work – like typical school shopping feels. Once you’re ready to let the real fun begin, start the swapping! This can be done at guest’s leisure or if you want you can take turns shopping by limiting the amount of items each person takes per turn. Poker chips or tokens can also be used with a little pre-planning. One token is given per item brought to the party, to be used on one item at the party. Though, with a small intimate group of friends this shouldn’t be necessary.

4. Donate- After the fun is over, make sure you get the remainder clothes to your pre-planned donation station. And Voila! You just exercised an economical and ethical way to shop for new back to school clothes!!

Feel free to leave comments below with more tips for making a Back to School Clothing Swap a hit!