We did a Clothing Swap!

A clothing swap is a FUN, eco-friendly, and budget-friendly way to keep up with your growing children's wardrobes! Get a few friends together and do it! ASAP!

Last week, a few neighbors and I brought all of our children's gently-used garments to my living room, spread them out all over the place, and went shopping for our kid's fall wardrobes. I told everyone to keep their expectations down, as it was my first attempt at a swap party! But it was terrific. We're totally doing it again in 6 months, and maybe we'll add a ladies clothing swap and also a book swap.

Here are my pictures and advice for YOUR party!

clothing swap party

One side of the room was girls clothing, the other side boys clothing, and then we had an area for shoes, backpacks, and other accessories. It wasn't as organized as a retail store, but items were mostly in nice stacks of either tops or bottoms.

clothing swap party

We decided NOT to play a Dirty Santa game for the clothes, but we DID have margaritas and played a few rounds of Loaded Questions.

loaded questions party

This is one of my all-time FAVORITE games. And this is the Evan-version: everyone writes their answers a few questions on slips of paper, and put them in the corresponding cup. At some point in the evening, you go grab a cup and guess who wrote which answer. 

It gets really funny and you get to know your friends a little better. :-)

clothing swap party

Something obvious to consider: make sure you have a variety of sizes! You want to try to have something for everyone, however, the oldest children represented might not receive as much as the younger ones! 

clothing swap party

At the end of the evening, we discussed a charity to donate the remainder of the piles. They'll be receiving a large donation this week!

clothing swap party people

Everyone said the clothing swap was a great idea and we're all looking forward to the next one!