School shopping (ethically!)

Here are my suggestions for an ethical approach to back-to-school shopping!

FIRST, consider buying BASICS! Do you want to pick out a carefully put-together, trendy outfit for your child every day, or would you like them to be able to pick things that go together on their own? My girls especially have had so many loud, trendy, frilly garments over the years and they just end up being paired with the other crazy pieces and then they look like a clown for school. A uniform sounds like a great idea most mornings. But short of that, WARDROBE BASICS that go with several other pieces will save stress and keep your student looking sharp.

SECOND, hit up thrift stores throughout the year for the upcoming seasons. You know your kids are going to grow! Look for the next size up and off-season sale items! 

THIRD, Host a clothing swap with your neighbors! Invite over 10 friends for a potluck and garment swap. Here's how to do it.

FINALLY, check out the list of my favorite socially and environmentally responsible brands!