Update: my summer capsule wardrobe

About 6 weeks ago, I downsized my wardrobe to about 10 shirts, 4 shorts, 3 dresses, and 2 skirts (yes, it's smaller than I originally planned because I decided a few things were still unnecessary!). 

It was way easier than I anticipated and I can't even imagine going back. I kept all of my favorite things, and the ones I think I look best in. I just wear them more often. Which means I DON'T wear my old Tshirts and ill-fitting shorts. And I can't say I miss them! 

Here is a classy lady that pretty much sums up my thoughts on a capsule wardrobe:

"I can respect myself enough to present myself beautifully at all times, not just Monday through Friday 9-5!" -Jennifer L. Scott

Check out her website, blog, books and other fantastic videos here: jenniferlscott.com