$20 here and there

"I can't spend more than $20 today or my husband will kill me!"

I was at a ladies event recently and heard a woman say this to her friend. This event happened to focus on human trafficking and hosted several vendors with products from around the world made by women who might otherwise be caught up in the vicious cycle of poverty and oppression.

Without judging her personally, I wondered if this was a typical situation for her (and me, and many of us, really). Maybe she spends $20 here and there all month long on just whatever. As long as it's not too much, my husband won't notice and it doesn't make a huge impact on my bank account. But at the end of the month, what might it add up to? $100? More? 

$100 could have been spent at that human trafficking event on a unique, quality item with a powerful story behind it. Probably handmade, probably something she would hold on to for 10 years or more, and talk about with potentially 100 people. 


This is why my husband and I are outspoken about the sexy subject of BUDGETING! If I know I'm going to a fair trade market, or an event focused on women's empowerment, I'm definitely going to budget a few extra dollars in the fun-spending money category, and then not feel a bit guilty purchasing something that will bless women around the globe!