Worth the Watch: The True Cost

guest post by Natalie Hoover

The long awaited arrival of a documentary that covers the social and environmental implications behind the fast fashion culture is finally here! Directed by Andrew Morgan and made available to the public on May 29th, The True Cost brings to light the dirty secrets that the fast fashion industry does not want you to know. It is a powerful exposé of concern that many ethical clothing companies like Evan Brooke are trying to bring awareness to.  What is unsurprisingly telling is that all major clothing companies this documentary reached out to declined comment or interview. If you have loved ones who have not made the connection of how the clothes they wear have come to be, well this is the documentary for them. It is certainly something that will leave a lasting impression on the viewer. Go ahead and check out the preview below.

The documentary can be purchased for $9.99, the cost one garment worker mentioned as her monthly salary ($10). Visit True Cost Movie for more details.