My summer capsule

The past few days, I have thought and thought about what my clothing says about me. What does it say to me? Often, friends will tell me I look cute, or they like what I'm wearing. It's nice to hear, of course, but is that satisfactory?

Matilda Kahl wanted to save time and energy, so she did what made sense: pick a beautiful and professional look and adopt it as her personal uniform every day. I wonder if she knew what kind of influence she would have by doing something a little counter-culture.

So I cleaned out my closet yesterday. Now, I have 12 shirts, 5 shorts, 5 dresses, 2 pants and 2 skirts. (Plus 2 workout outfits, 2 sleep dresses, 2 outerwear items and a modest amount of undergarments.) I left a couple of "fancy" dresses hanging in the back of the closet, and boxed up all the fall/winter items. Everything else is being donated, given to friends, or shelved in the sewing room for parts (fabric, buttons, etc). 

Most of this was thrifted, given to me, or I made myself!

Most of this was thrifted, given to me, or I made myself!

I decided to do this to challenge my own materialism, simplify decisions, and compel me to make more thoughtful purchases when it is time to replace something.

It would have been nice to toss it ALL and purchase a complete ethically-made capsule wardrobe from Zady or Tea Collection or Be Good. But that's not practical right now- not in the budget this month, and also not a sustainable idea. I doubt my current clothes would even sell at a thrift store. So I will wear them until they are sufficiently worn OUT.

It wasn't as hard and didn't take as long as I thought to get rid of so much stuff. It feels good, in fact. When you take it all out and only put back what you love, the decisions aren't so hard. I did find that I clung to more prints than solids, so that's something I'll have to reckon with the next few months! 

Have you considered a capsule wardrobe? What are your thoughts? Hesitations?