New Glasses!

So I was in the market for some new eyewear, as it’s been close to 10 years since my last glasses purchase.  Anyone else only buy glasses once a decade?  


The trend is STATEMENT glasses. The designer brands in most glasses stores (which are almost ALL from the enormous parent company Luxottica) are all carrying funky and chunky frames with a little somethin' at the temples.

After trying on some way cool & trendy designer specs at the optometrist, I thought, wait a minute!  Surely there are some glasses companies out there doing business with a cause.  


Here’s what I found:

ECO optics are made from 95% recycled materials, and they also plant a tree for every pair sold.  Super trendy and affordable.

Eyes of Faith donate a pair for every pair bought, and they also print Scripture on the inside of their frames.  Because “Eye wear my faith!”  Also very trendy and affordable.

Warby Parker offers super affordable frames and also gives a pair for every pair sold. 


I had to do a little research online to find out who carries these brands in my city and found a few at TSO. It’s a bummer out of the hundred or so eye stores in this area, only a couple carry brands with socially-responsible missions!  But they are out there!  Go find them and make a purposeful purchase you can be proud of!  


These new glasses will certainly be one of MY new statements!!

New purple ECO Optics glasses!  

New purple ECO Optics glasses!