Are you a conscious consumer?

Consider the typical conversation many of us (myself included) have with the other moms at the school:  

"Hey! I like that shirt!"

"Oh, thanks, I got it for $5 on the clearance rack at so-and-so big box store."  

Take a minute here and think about this… if you paid $5, how much did the store pay?  Maybe $5 if it was on the clearance rack, but more likely it was less.  So after shipping and taxes, how much did the store pay the manufacturer?  How much did the manufacturer pay the folks sewing the garment?  How much did they pay for the fabric?  How much did the fabric mill pay for the cotton or other raw materials?  Wait a minute, is everyone actually getting paid here?  Hmmm...

If you dare, check out for a serious wake-up call!