Evan Brooke believes that slavery is wrong in this country, and shouldn't be tolerated in others.

Fair trade & ethically-sourced clothing makes an impact around the world.

 EBEC is proud to bring to you beautiful, quality garments made ethically in effort to:

FIGHT modern-day slavery,

protect the EARTH, 

and promote FAIR trade.



I’m a military spouse, mom to 5, native Texan, and believer in Jesus.  I’ve been sewing for fun since childhood for my dolls, myself, my friends and my kids! 

I read Lioness Arising by Lisa Bevere a few years ago and I can say now that it changed my life.  She said one day she was sitting on the... somewhere and reading a magazine article about human trafficking.  She lifted up a prayer, telling God that she was his girl if she could be a voice for these women!  I said the same prayer right then.  

In 2012, some friends called to tell of their plans to move overseas to do something about human trafficking and forced labor.  Their plan was to start a garment manufacturing business with the mission to employ the oppressed and marginalized of society, those who have been discriminated against, exploited, or sex trafficked.  Partnering with them, my mission and hope is to grow my little company to bring hope and support the ethical employment of more and more people around the world.

Job opportunities and skills-training will empower individuals and communities like NOTHING else!

Evan and Dadhi, a Nepali tailor and shop manager, at Purnaa in September 2013.

Evan and Dadhi, a Nepali tailor and shop manager, at Purnaa in September 2013.

Inspiration in my life:

and these guys, los chiquitos locos.

and these guys, los chiquitos locos.

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